FTP Cat6 Patch Cable

190 L390 L

FTP Cat6 Patch Cable

150 L990 L

Gembird 3.5 MM 4-PIN to RCA Audio-Video Cable

190 L

Gembird 3.5mm Stereo to RCA Plug Cable

90 L190 L

Gembird Bluetooth Audio Stereo Receiver BTR-05

1,590 L

Gembird Bluetooth Mini-Keyboard

590 L

Gembird Cotton Braided Micro-USB Charging and Data Cable

490 L990 L

Gembird Digital to Analog Audio Converter

2,500 L

Gembird DisplayPort Cable, 4K

790 L1,190 L

Gembird DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter Cable

790 L

Gembird DisplayPort to VGA

990 L1,190 L

Gembird Double-Sided USB 2.0 AM to Micro-USB cable

190 L

Gembird DVI-I to 15-pin VGA Video Adapter

290 L

Gembird HDMI High Speed Male-Male Cable

290 L3,990 L

Gembird HDMI High Speed Male-Male Cable, 4.5 M, Bulk Package

700 L

Gembird HDMI Male to Micro D-Male Cable

590 L990 L

Gembird HDMI Male-Male Cable

390 L

Gembird HDMI Splitter, 2 Ports

1,990 L

Gembird HDMI Splitter, 4 ports

3,990 L

Gembird HDMI to DVI Adapter, DVI-Female

690 L

Gembird HDMI to DVI Adapter, HDMI-Female

390 L

Gembird HDMI to Mini-HDMI Adapter

390 L

Gembird HDMI to VGA and Audio Adapter Cable

1,500 L

Gembird High Speed HDMI Male-Male Cable

490 L

Gembird Magnetic USB Charging Combo

1,590 L

Gembird Mini DisplayPort to HDMI 4K Cable

1,590 L

Gembird Power Cable (C7), VDE Approved

190 L

Gembird Single Socket Power Meter

1,990 L

Gembird TV Wall Mount (13″- 42″)

1,490 L

Gembird TV Wall Mount (17″-37″)

1,990 L

Gembird TV Wall Mount (Rotate Tilt), 17”-37”/ WM-37RT-01

2,000 L

Gembird TV Wall Mount 32″-65″

2,990 L

Gembird TV Wall Mount Rotate & Tilt (32″-70″)

5,990 L

Gembird UPS with LCD Display

17,990 L

Gembird UPS, 650 VA

5,990 L

Gembird USB 2.0 A-plug B-plug Cable

190 L

Gembird USB 3-in-1 Charging Cable

490 L500 L

Gembird USB 3.0 OTG Type-C Adapter Cable

590 L

Gembird TV Wall Mount (26”-55”)

4,990 L